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Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Products Restrictions Policy

Policy Statement

Smoking and the use of any smokeless tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or products intended to mimic tobacco products are prohibited on any property owned, leased, or controlled by Sinclair Community College.

This policy does not prohibit the use of nicotine patches, pills, gum, or other products specifically designed to assist individuals with the cessation of smoking or tobacco use.


This policy applies to all Sinclair employees, Sinclair students, and visitors to Sinclair facilities.


This policy will be enforced by Sinclair police officers and security officers.

Employees or students who violate this policy may be subject to discipline under applicable college policies or procedures.

Visitors who violate this policy may be required to leave the property and/or be issued a notice of trespass.


Employees, students and visitors shall be knowledgeable of this policy and adhere to its provisions.


Ohio Revised Code 3794.01 - 3794.09


Policy originally approved by Board of Trustees – December 12, 1995
Revised:  December 2008; November 2013
Revised by Board of Trustees - June 24, 2016-revisions effective January 1, 2017