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Sinclair College


Find info & services specific to you:


Report an Incident

To file a report for an incident or issue and get assistance, please complete one of the following notification forms (included below are descriptions for each notification form, please select and complete the one most appropriate to your needs):

Request Ombudsman Assistance

Need assistance, student advocacy, or need someone to talk with, the Ombudsman is here for you.

Learn more about the Ombudsman here.



Sinclair's portal for student’s Academic, Non-Academic, and Public concerns. Sinclair strives to maintain open channels for students to file concerns.


Title IX Reporting

Do you have a concern about inappropriate and disrespectful sexual conduct and communication in any form?

For More information on Title IX and what it is, click here.

File A Behavioral Intervention Report (BIT)

To report a person who may be exhibiting concerning behavior, which could include, threatening, distressing, disruptive and /or disturbing, inside or outside of the classroom setting

Student Code of Conduct Notification

To report behaviors violating the Student Code of Conduct, whether these behaviors occur inside or outside the classroom setting, please complete the Student Code of Conduct Notification form.

Academic Integrity Policy Violation Form

This Academic Integrity Policy addresses willful acts of cheating, dishonesty, and plagiarism and establishes common procedures to be followed when such acts occur.


If you need to report an emergency or an immediate threat, contact Sinclair Police at 937-512-2700 or dial 911 from any campus phone.